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Look at these two situations and write an e-mail in response to each one. Decide which e-mail needs to be more formal and which can be less formal.

1. You work for a company where everyone is on first-name terms. You’ve heard something about a Staff Development Day on 14 May; you might like to attend, but you don’t have any details about the event (e.g. focus, activities, length, participants, trainer(s) and location). You also have a meeting scheduled for that morning. Write to Pat Fischer, the Human Resources Manager, asking for more information. Find out if you need to attend the whole day. Remember to include a subject line.

2. You manage a team of 10 staff. You are organising interviews for the annual staff appraisals to discuss employees’ performance and professional development. Send an e-mail to the team about this topic and ask them to reply, giving you three options for dates and times (in order of preference) when they can attend a session of about 90 minutes next month. Attach a staff feedback form to complete and return to you within 14 days. Remember to include a subject line.

Đáp án mẫu:

To: Pat Fischer

Subject: Staff Development Day

Hi Pat

This is just to ask you about the Staff Development Day on 14 May. It sounds interesting, and I’m thinking about coming along. Could you give me some more details about the event? What is the focus of the day, and what types of activity will be involved? When are the start and finish times, and what time’s lunch? Who else is going to be there, and who’s running the event? Also, is it going to be held here in the company offices or at an off-site location? If so, where? Is it necessary for me to attend the entire day? I ask because I have a meeting scheduled for that morning, but I can probably re-arrange it if I have to. Let me know what you think.

All the best


To: Development Team

Subject: Staff appraisals

Attachment: Feedback form

Hello everyone

I’m writing to arrange an appraisal interview with each of you next month. The main aim of the interview is to discuss your performance and professional development.

In preparation for the appraisal, I have attached a feedback form. I’d be very grateful if you could complete and return this within the next 14 days.

Could you also e-mail me with three possible dates and times -in order of preference- when you would be available for your appraisal next month? It should take about 90 minutes. Let me know if you have any queries about the appraisals.

Many thanks

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